April challenge… 2 months later

Okay, I have gotten past the initial hatred of Pinterest for tempting me into this challenge.  I look back in admiration at the effort put into it. Thank you to all who helped out or sampled.  Thanks to Razzle Dazzle and Zal for the support during this craziness. I will be breaking this into multiple posts to make it more manageable, not only to write, but to read as well.

Facebook-34-2 Facebook-33-2 Facebook-32-2 Facebook-31-2 Facebook-30-2 Facebook-25-2 Facebook-26-2 Facebook-27-2 Facebook-28-2 Facebook-29-2 Facebook-24-2 Facebook-23-2 Facebook-22-2 Facebook-21-2 Facebook-20-2 Facebook-16-2 Facebook-17-2 Facebook-18-2 (1) Facebook-19-2 Facebook-15-2 Facebook-14-2 Facebook-13-2 Facebook-12-2 Facebook-11-2 Facebook-5-2 Facebook-6-2 Facebook-7-2 Facebook-9-2 Facebook-10-2 Facebook-4-2 Facebook-3-2 Facebook-2-2 Facebook-1-2




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