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Back in the Saddle

It’s been years since I have blogged.  I have missed it dearly.  Always having the outlet to post anything that was found to be irritating, fascinating, or just an overall time-suck that I wanted to share with those that found me on the crazy inter-webs!

For those of you new to my blogs, my content isn’t always interesting. In fact, there are times when I am sure you will find them quite boring. I know, I am awesome at encouraging loyal readers, right? Face it, this is mostly going to be my way to get out the things that are causing me splitting headaches, constant anxiety, or just simple irritation.

People  who show themselves to be ignorant will most likely feel offended by something in my blog at some point in time.  If so, I must tell you now, I do not really care. I have paid for this site to get my thoughts out.  Feel free to get your own blog if you want to whine about being picked on via the internet. I will break it to you now, no one will listen to you beyond your overly-sympathetic Facebook followers that have nothing better to do then post sad face emoticons on your status updates.

Yes, I can be harsh and cynical, but I have to be.  I find myself making every effort to be overly nice on a daily basis to as many people as I possibly can.  There are times when it is appreciated, but most of the time it is brushed off  becoming expected to the point that if I do get upset with someone, people assume there is something wrong with me.  There are times when I want to correct this assumption, letting them know that it is, in fact, their actions/words that are the source of my overall irritation. I’ve gotten to kind of a snapping point with it, which is what finally got me to get this started.

For those of you who stick around, welcome to my tiny window into my life as well as my mind. It can be a disturbing place, or it could just be a recipe that I’ve tried out and people have requested, or maybe just a fun pic that I felt someone else needed to see.

Thanks for reading, I will have a real post soon.  I promise!

In closing, I leave you this awesome zombie find.  Thank you, internet.