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That’s right, I’m a girl, let’s get that out of the way.  My first non-introductory post is going to be almost completely shoe-related.  More specifically Chuck related.

Converse All-stars, aka chucks, are my best friends. Give me some High-tops or low-tops with some fun designs or bright colors, and I am a happy camper.

My current treasures are as follows:

and my recent find from high school in my storage shed finds:

Lastly, I found some epic chucks recently thanks to targeted Google advertising.  I adored them the first time I saw them, and I ended up venturing to the mall Saturday morning just to find out if they were readily available in my size.  THEY WERE! I was ecstatic. In and out of the Journeys store in less than 2 minutes.  Can’t beat that! I saw the shoes, squealed a bit to myself, then took them to the counter quickly and asked if they had them in my size.  The kind gentlemen went to the back and before I knew it, he popped back out saying, “My last one in that size!” I slapped my debit card down and said “I’ll take them!” He laughed and asked me if I wanted to try them on first.  I assured him that trying on chucks was completely unnecessary for me.  They are amazing:

That’s right! my love of Comics, colors, and Chucks, combined! They came with 3 sets of laces that will surely be a daily decision whenever I decide to wear them.

Converse has got to be my favorite shoe.  The fact that I will wear them with socks and scrubs or tights and skirts is still one of the most fun parts about them. The custom converse shoe builder is definitely one of the best creations in recent years.

Okay, I know, no one cares about my shoes.  I just had to share the find. I’m sure after he reads this and rolls his eyes at me, Razzle Dazzle will surely regret helping me set this site up tonight.

Completely unrelated note, I am beyond sick of this heat. I want to tell all the people that were whining about the snow back in February to suck it! I can’t wait for my hoodie weather to return.